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Breakfast and Lunch


The goal is to provide the seniors with nutritious, appetizing meals and snacks in the following manner:

  • Provide a continental breakfast when they arrive with plenty of fruit and other snacks that are healthy and wholesome.
  • Provide bread and other food products that they can take home from St. Vincent de Paul that have been donated by local supermarkets and other stores.
  • Provide a healthy and nutritious lunch for each senior.
  • Provide a “take home” meal to those that want it so that we can at least guarantee they are getting more healthy meals at home.
  • Send home meals to those seniors that are ill and can not coming to the Center.


We hope to improve the nutrition of the seniors, which should help them to be healthier, have more energy, and improve their cognitive abilities.  We can see the results firsthand of our regular attendees.  They are more attentive, have more energy, and are generally healthier and engaged in life and activities.

The goal is to keep our seniors as active as possible, for as long as possible, so that they may have a richer, fuller, independent lifestyle.  We can see that those seniors that engage in life center activities with enthusiasm live longer, healthier lives that those of our seniors that are passive and less engaged.