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Community Lunch Program

Why not donate a luncheon to the seniors at the Center? If your organization or company is looking to serve the community please consider donating a luncheon to the Senior L.I.F.E. Center. We are a 501C3 organization so your costs would be tax deductible. Join with a number of businesses and organizations that are already providing a lunch once or twice a year. The seniors are grateful for the support of the community.


Luncheon Providers:

Please prepare enough to serve 60 seniors.
We have the ability to heat or reheat food as well as refrigeration capability. We do have access to a full commercial kitchen.

You may serve the food as some organizations do or we have the capability to serve the food. The seniors go through a serving line to get their lunch. We have several that must be served. (The seniors do appreciate company if you want to serve and get a flavor of the Center).

We welcome lunch providers to share lunch with us if it is convenient.
The seniors do love their desserts.
We provide the beverages.
We provide cups, plates, napkins, bowls, and plastic ware.
The seniors eat at 12:00 noon sharp, as they must be ready to leave by 1 pm


Lunch should consist of:

· Salad: the seniors love their salads, particularly green salads which may be dressed lightly or not dressed. They also like Jell-O salads. The lettuce must be washed!
· Bread and rolls: not necessary, but welcome. (We provide spread)
· Entrée: chicken dishes, ham, pork, rice including Asian rice, meatloaf, pasta dishes, and soups are greatly welcomed in colder weather as well as chili, and stews. Mexican dishes are acceptable. Nothing too spicy, though.
· Dessert: of all kinds. If you are going to provide a chocolate cake we need an alternative for several people allergic to chocolate.



Please feel free to contact us